landlady_4rent (landlady_4rent) wrote,

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I have had a hell of a time trying to comment on everyone's journal. It's been days. Finally, I am able to.
Hopefully, you will see it. I'm not leaving unless I'm kicked out as well. But, I will eventually start updating DW journal. Here I have felt safe. I'm on facebook. I'm not happy posting anything really personal. My main reason for checking there is to keep up with family in other countries and old friends, and some new ones. I don't even let anyone
know that L.J exists. Lol. This is OUR place. Always will be. Us QAF'ERS are a different and loving breed. So upset to see this happening. I've been here since 2009.
I don't want to let go of a place that has brought me such happiness in the best times of my life & the worse.
I love our special bond. Thank you everyone.
Hugs! Annie
P.S. I can actually see everyone's posts now. Terrible! Going to try to comment to some of you, since I've had stress over this for days.

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