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Randy's play...

If anyone wants to hear about Washington:

I hope everyone is still enjoying their summer. I have to tell you what happened on the weekend. My friend Lori is always working. We have to plan weeks ahead of time to see each other. She said, "I know Randy is in a play in Washington." I said "Yeah." "Let's get online @ midnight to get tickets for tomorrow." I said, "Seriously?" "Yes," she said. "Yay!" We got our train tickets and hotel. Stayed at a nice place in Chinatown. It was within walking distance to the theater. So we arrive at Union Station by 10:30 am Thursday morning. It's huge. Hotel let us check in right away. Awesome. As we were leaving hotel I said, "I have such a feeling we are going to see Randy." "Really?" she said. We turn the corner and I stop. I see the newspapers and Randy is on the cover. I got five copies and she took a few. "I told you we were going to see him." We laughed. Had lunch at a cool Irish pub. Then went off to sight-see. Meanwhile, we are on a touring bus and we checked e-mail. WTF? We both didn't get tickets to the play in lottery. So, I was like, "Don't worry, I 'll come up with something, let me think."

 I call the theater and talk to like six different people. I asked "How much will it cost if I paid for tickets?" They said "$150.00 for 4 tickets." I said, "I only need 2, but would give the other 2 to people in line when we get there at 8pm." I wasn't getting anywhere fast. So I said, "Let's get a taxi and then we can get back on the bus when we get tickets." She said, "Annie, it's not going to happen. It's too much money." "I don't care. We came all this way. We're going." We get to the box office inside and I told the lady, "I called." She said, "Oh, I was waiting for you to call back." "Oh??" 

"Huh?" lol. She turned to the guy behind her and then she hands me two tickets. "Huh," again. I said "That's $150.00, right?" "No," she said," We are GIVING them to you." "OMG!!!" We were jumping up and down. They where laughing too. "Just be here by 7:45. for seats."  I looked at Lori and  she knew what I wanted to do. I handed the guy $20. for each ticket to donate. We were so happy. Yay. We got to the theater and we were given the greatest seats in the middle not to far away from the stage.
Shakespeare's Twelfth Night was an enjoyable treat to see performed live onstage. The story of two shipwrecked twins, each thinking the other is dead and how they went about creating new lives for themselves was wonderfully performed.  This one twin changes her identity to that of a boy and falls in love with the Duke. The other twin, played by Randy, has no idea his twin sister is still alive. He stumbles upon the duchess, who has fallen in love with this boy impersonating sister, and she mistakes him for her/him. If all of this sounds confusing all I can say is you had to be there. Randy got to be molested and stripped of some of his clothing as the Duchess showed just how enamored she was with him, again mistaken him for his twin. Bare chested Randy. "dies." Randy was exceptional. It was a pleasure to watch him 'fall in  love' with the Duchess. He looked so handsome. He had a great time chasing her around the stage.They danced. He was spinning her around in the air after they got married.  They kissed, a lot. lol.The costumes where so beautiful.The white wedding  dress was bigger than the duchess. Every time her mood would change, she had on same dress, but different colors. So funny. The play was hysterical and the entire cast did a fabulous job. The audience laughed uproariously through the whole performance.It was three hours long.
It was 11:15 pm, when we got out.
After wards, while waiting for a taxi to take us back to the hotel. Randy came strolling out of the theater. He had to pass us. We got to say hi and tell him how hysterical he was.  He said, "Thanks."  It was a memorable time. I didn't bother him for anything. He crossed the street and walked with his cell phone in his hand. We couldn't sleep. We kept talking about the play. How hysterical it was. There you have it.
So, I have 4 extra copies of the magazine Randy was on. If someone wants one, I'll see what I can do. PM me. :)


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