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Trying to find serenity in the midst of chaos...

quiet surroundings

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I'm the mother of four furry boys. Rusty, Donni, Nicky and Rufus C. Rainbow. I'm an animal lover. Owner & manager of Real Estate Rentals.I'm new to LJ, and need to learn a lot. I'm full bred Italian and an excellent cook. Love the mini trips I go on with friends from the fandom.

RIP: Donni & Nicky you are missed.(2010)

RIP: My dear sweet Rusty! You are missed.

December 26, 2013. You gave us 18 1/2 years
of pleasure & love!

My new addition is Robin Brett-puppy 2011.
artsy stuff, bj fanfiction, dexter, pottery artglass. reading, rob pattison, the beach, twilight, vampire lover., vintage cookbooks